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CCTV Supply & Installation.

CCTV is a vital part of domestic, commercial and industrial protection. PCS supplies systems that ensure your properties are protected against trespassers, theft, vandalism and threats to your general personal safety.

We specialise in providing professional, bespoke, and versatile CCTV systems tailored to your needs. PCS guarantee that we are providing a system that is perfect for your needs having carried out an in-depth site survey to ensure we meet your expectations.

The commercial districts of Yorkshire saw the highest number of crimes in 2020, with Bradford leading the way then Leeds and Wakefield. Although these statistics are shocking, and somewhat scary for business owners, you can reduce these risks. UK Government studies suggest CCTV lowers the risk of crime occurring on your premises, it will aid in the apprehension of intruders and may even reduce your insurance premiums.

We believe our CCTV systems to be market leaders and will provide 24/7 real-time surveillance of buildings or area which feed directly back to a monitor on-site or to your mobile device, at any time of the day from anywhere in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Monitoring, Control & Storage

Our CCTV cameras can be securely connected to the internet allowing your system to be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world.

This also allows you to remotely back-up and store the footage recorded. As well as overseeing their security cameras themselves, customers can also make use of remote monitoring stations. This means having a human operator constantly checking your cameras 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As well as offering peace of mind, these operators can alert police and communicate with intruders via tannoy systems to inform them they are being watched. In many cases, effective monitoring and use of a tannoy system is enough to deter criminal activity.

What Do PCS Do?

PCS install, maintain and repair a wide range of CCTV systems throughout Yorkshire and the North. We handle everything from single fixed cameras to large fully-controllable multi-camera systems.

Security cameras are a highly effective deterrent against theft and vandalism. As well as giving you peace of mind, the extra security can lead to a reduction in your insurance premiums.


All of our security camera systems comply fully with National Security Inspectorate (NSI) requirements and are compliant with NACP 20 Standards and the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) which covers privacy issues. Every six months our installations are randomly audited both by ourselves and the National Security Inspectorate to ensure that we continue to meet and exceed the high standards expected by our team, our customers and the law.

Do I Need CCTV?

These days, with the increasing sophistication of criminals, protecting your home and family has never been more challenging. However, one of the most effective ways to secure your home is to install a CCTV System from PCS.
Research shows that CCTV in a property does reduce the chance of a crime taking place in that property. CCTV is shown to displace crime. In other words, the potential intruder will move on to another property that does not have CCTV.

Whether you want to monitor your property grounds, street traffic or internal views, our modern CCTV systems are effective and affordable for all households and businesses. Each CCTV system PCS designs is specific to our customer’s requirements.

Why Use PCS?

Our efficient technical team delivers, installs and operates a substantial range of professional CCTV equipment throughout Yorkshire & the UK. Our installations range from full-scale installations to one-off custom installs.

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