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Network Cabling In Harrogate, North Yorkshire

With over 20 years’ experience, our engineers install all types of data networks to the highest standards. We are an Excel approved partner experienced in installing data networks in many different environments including schools, hospitals, hotels, student accommodation and new developments. We have been involved in the installation of mass Wi-Fi networks as well as traditional copper and fibre solutions.

We work with industry leading suppliers and are constantly developing and training our team to ensure we provide our customers the best and most cost-effective solutions.

We can provide a structured data network to meet your needs, incorporating both wireless and hard-wired connectivity.

Who Do We Do Network Cabling For?

Home Network Cabling

We offer our services to both residential and business clients. With Small businesses often working from home we can provide a suitable network to meet your needs. Many gamers require a decent connection to their broadband to stop latency issues, we can install suitable cabling for this requirement. Along with our network cabling service we can also provide the cabling for access points or wifi routers for the areas of the house that have slow or non existent signal.

Office Moves

Network cabling is often installed in conduit or trunking and stays with the premises when you move. However we can still move your hardware across to your new premises, including your network cabinet, patch panels, cctv system, network switches, servers and phone systems.

Fibre Network Cabling

We offer fibre network cabling installation along with our copper network cabling installations if needed. Often fibre is used on bigger installations and can be especially useful when we join two networks together and providing a significant backbone to a network.


Upgrading you network cabling to current specifications and regulations is a must for any business. As technologies advance and new services are offered, IT equipment can become outdated quickly. Often we can utilise your existing infrastructure to provide a seamless transition.

What Else Can You Do?

We can add additional network cabling and sockets to any setup and provide the hardware where needed. It may be a case that you have taken over another office or unit and need to link two systems together. We can help with all aspects of upgrading & cabling.


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