The Manhattan, Harrogate

PCS installed a sky distribution system over cat6 and traditional HDMI cabling across multiple televisions throughout the premises, meaning Manhattan Entertainment can simultaneously broadcast live sports on both Sky and BT channels creating a more flexible customer experience.

To ensure greater speeds and increased coverage over the premises we implemented a Wi-Fi mesh network of access points creating a private and public Manhattan Wi-Fi service. The solution is flexible and can be expanded as the business grows ensuring forward compatibility.

A bespoke CCTV system consisting of 14 cameras across the multi-story building was installed to ensure the security of the premises and safety of customers and staff. This included the use of both internal and external cabling and guaranteed peace of mind for the 6 businesses operating inside the premises.

All the 6 businesses operating within the premises require their own private access. Our door entry allows access into certain areas for authorised staff whilst protecting vulnerable assets for each business. The access system allows visitors to contact each individual company from the main entrance, the business can then remotely unlock the doors to permit entry.

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July 28, 2021